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I would like to congratulate the successful establishment of the Hong Kong Rouliqiu Association, and extend my sincere thanks to those who have provided support to the founding of the Association.

Originated in China, Rouliqiu combines the essence of Tai Chi, tennis and badminton together. This comprehensive exercise is especially suitable for our elderly. The Hong Kong Rouliqiu Association will strive to promote Rouliqiu activity in Hong Kong and to enrich our leisure life by providing quality programs to our citizens.

Congratulations again and wish all the best to the Hong Kong Rouliqiu Association.






As President of the Hong Kong Rouliqiu Association, let me first welcome and thank you all for joining us to celebrate this very important occasion. Today, you witness not only the birth of a new Association but also our pledge to strive to develop and promote this sport in Hong Kong. Rouliqiu may be an unheard of sport now, but I have confidence that it will soon be seen in many parks and podiums because the sport has great potentials to become a popular activity, especially among the elderly.

Before departing, we must thank our Patron, Mrs. Rita Fan, J.P., for her generous support to this Association, and to Mr. Bai Shuwei and Miss Li Fai, for sharing their knowledge and experience with us.



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