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Mission Statement

To provide quality Rouliqiu programs to people of Hong Kong so as to enhance their quality of life


  1. 推動柔力球運動成為香港市民的終身運動項目之一。

  2. 提供優質的柔力球訓練課程,培養高質素的柔力球教練和裁判人員。

  3. 制定及檢討柔力球比賽之制度及規則,並提供有關資料予相關團體。

  4. 與世界各地柔力球?織建立有效的聯繫藉以促進本港柔力球運動的發展。

  5. 組織及協調在香港舉行的所有柔力球賽事。

  6. 鼓勵及支持柔力球運動隊的成立。

  1. To promote Rouliqiu as a life-long activity in Hong Kong.

  2. To provide quality training to individuals so as to enable them to serve as competent and fair coaches and referees.

  3. To keep abreast of rules and regulations of Rouliqiu and to provide relevant information to respective groups and organizations.

  4. To establish as effective network with other Rouliqiu organizations over the world so as to promote local Rouliqiu’s development

  5. To organize and to coordinate all competitions in Rouliqiu in Hong Kong.

  6. To encourage the formation of Rouliqiu teams.

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